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Why Incorporate?

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Incorporation FAQ's



What is a Corporation? 

A Corporation is a distinct legal entity that is owned by but separate from its shareholders and is managed by a board of directors.  A Corporation is designed to generate value for those who have a monetary interest in it and to provide separation between its owner’s assets and the corporation’s assets.  A corporation is formed by simply: identifying a location of business, individual's who will direct the affairs the corporation (directors), how the company will be structured with regards to shares it can issue, how many directors it can have and any rules the company will be governed by.  Corporations can live for indefinite lengths of time, pay taxes and own other corporations. 

Why Incorporate?

There are several benefits.  The major advantage is to limit your liability exposure.  With a sole proprietorship, the liability for the actions and financial obligations of the company rest with the registrant (meaning you).  Therefore, as a proprietorship your personal assets are at risk.  In a corporation the shareholders are not held liable in most cases for the actions or financial obligations of the corporation.  So if there is a possible liability risk to your business, incorporating is the best way to protect your personal assets. 

Corporations also have perpetual life.  A Corporation is considered to be a separate entity "person" and is not effected by the changes that take place in the directors and shareholders.  This allows for the ownership to be transferred.  Also, due to it's independent legal status it is allowed to own property or enter in to legal agreements.

Corporations also have a distinct tax advantage. Corporations will be taxed at a lower rate then you personally. This is done to give individuals an incentive to start their own business and to create jobs and therefore strengthen the economy.   Losses can also be carried forward to offset upcoming years of profit.  

Incorporating your business adds substance and power to your product or service.  It communicates strength, firmness and professionalism and provides security by isolating your personal assets form those of the companies. 

At legal Express, your corporation will be formed fast and accurate. 


Is My Corporate Name Available?

Included in the cost, we will check to see if the name you have chosen is available. NUANS (Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search) is a computerized search system that compares a proposed corporate name to a database of existing corporate names.  This comparison determines the similarity that exists between the proposed name and existing names and produces a list of names that are found to be most similar.

In most cases, the NUANS report will reserve the proposed name for a period of 90 days for the person who has requested the report.  If the name is not available, the charge for the NUANS report will be applied and an alternate name can be chosen.

The Rules Regarding Naming a Corporation!

The name could be as simple as a randomly selected numbered corporation, ie. 23456 Alberta Ltd.  A numbed corporation is less expensive because it avoids the cost of a name search (NUANS) report.  However, a numbered company does not describe the business in any way and may lessen the prestige and credibility associated with your business.

In a Named Corporation the chosen name needs to be specific and distinct to your business.  You will not be allowed to use a name that is in use or may be confused with other existing corporate names.   It is recommended that the name be original and distinct, and accurately describe your business.   The corporate name must also include a legal element.  Some examples are;

- Incorporated,
- Inc.,
- Corporation,
- Corp.,
- Limited,
- Ltd.

Who Will Actually Do The Incorporation?

After you have completed and submitted the documents, they will be completed and finalized by LegalExpress.ca.  The actual name searches and Filing will be done by an Authorized Agent in the Province of Alberta.  The forms will be filed with the Provincial Government, Corporate Registry Department.

What is the Corporate Access Number?
Your Corporate Access Number will be given at the time of the Incorporation.  If you plan on opening a bank account under your corporate name, banks will require to see your Corporate Access Number and a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation and articles. 


 How Do I Get Started?

Getting Started     ... is as easy as  
  to Member Services.         
        Select the Incorporation Package you require.
            Complete the easy online form.
                  Make the appropriate payment. 
... a
nd we do the rest!



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