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Welcome to LegalExpress.ca

Incorporating a business has never been easier!   Whether your Incorporating a company, filing an annual return, updating your companies’ information, or registering a proprietorship, this all can be completed in a few minutes.  With our simple on Line forms,  the instruction and informative help, all provided at only a fraction of the cost makes this a clear choice for your business.

Other Companies charge a service fee plus government filing costs.  OUR COST IS ALL INCLUSIVE!
No hidden fees.  We have never found an online company that can beat our cost or service.  Compare your final cost with other on-Line Companies first, then do the math and save big with us.

Each service can be completed quickly and securely.  Our goal is to be Canada’s leading online business registration service.  Let us take the time and worry out of these registrations so you can get back to your business!

Getting Started
  ... as easy as  

  to Member Services.         
        Select the Services you require.
            Complete the easy online forms.
                  Make the appropriate payment. 
... a
nd we do the rest! 

to our online tracking service so you can  keep informed as to the status of your service being completed.  All services are processed by experienced and authorized agents of the provincial and federal government.

For your your protection this site subscribes to Entrust Web Server Certificates which provide website identification and security enabling 128-bit encryption. This level of security allows peace of mind when carrying out e-commerce over the internet.  It allows for secure forms and information submission with it's protected encryption and permissions management services. 

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